SCCV is a local, not-for-profit organization in the Albuquerque area. We have more than 100 members and 120 dogs. We’ve been offering pet therapy to this community for nearly 30 years. Our organization partners with over 40 facilities, allowing our members to visit a wide variety of locations and provide pet therapy to hundreds of individuals in need of a furry friend.

The types of facilities we work with include…

  • hospitals
  • hospices and nursing homes
  • assisted living and memory care
  • rehabilitation centers
  • public libraries
  • children’s clinics
  • schools and colleges
  • emergency dispatch centers

We also work with numerous organizations to coordinate special event opportunities, with the help of our Community Outreach Liaison.

Because we are a not-for-profit organization of volunteers, supported only by our members’ dues and occasional gifts, we spend our money carefully. We have no office, just a post office box and this web site. A volunteer officer or committee member will answer online inquiries.


Paw-Print-Quote1Mission Statement

As people who are dedicated to our dogs as well as to the people whom we serve, the Southwest Canine Corps of Volunteers, Inc. (SCCV) and their canine partners offer comfort, compassion and educational opportunities. We strive to facilitate friendship and mutual support among our members as we serve the community.

“The Southwest Canine Corps of Volunteers had its start in New Mexico, with University Hospital being one of the primary sites of The Pet Therapy Program. The pets and their handlers provide comfort to our patients in their time of greatest need. The pets are very highly trained and know how to interact in a special way with each individual. It is great to see the pets show up with their hospital badges and trainers and head right off into the units.”

– Steve McKernan, CEO, University Hospital