Things were pretty ruff for me before my folks brought me home in 2009. My previous People were mean so I kept trying to get away. The second time I escaped, Some Guys returned me but my People said, “YOU take her!” I ended up in rescue with some awful scars on me. Mom always wanted to do dog therapy, but she didn’t have enough dog smarts before and my brother and sister weren’t suitable. I’m pretty calm for a golden girl so that makes Mom’s job easier when we’re working! I love kids and I don’t even mind when they pull my ears, bap my nose, and touch my paws! Mom says I’m a CLOWN – sometimes I’ll shake your paw if I feel like it, but my best trick is lying down and letting people rub my belly – I love it! I’ll plop down ANYWHERE so Mom has to keep an eye out! Once Nurse Steve was rubbing my tummy, and another Nurse Chris came rushing up and said, “I thought we had an emergency and I almost brought the Code Cart!” Then she rubbed my belly, too! I am a golden retriever, but I didn’t “Come with Papers” so Mom was glad when her SCCV buddies told her I could be registered with A.K.C. as a Therapy Dog! She says she is very proud of me – but I just love the rubbings and… the COOKIES!

Member Since:  March 2010

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