My name is Drake. I was not named after a male duck. One of my mom’s ancestors was Sir Francis Drake. His exploits were legendary. His nickname was El Draque, “The Dragon”, Draco. Sometimes my mom calls me Draco, too. No one knows his exact date of birth, but I was born April 1, 2006 in Farmington, NM. I met my mom when I was 6 weeks old. She took me to school at Acoma where I learned my basic training. I still get to see my favorite teacher, Trish, almost every week. The one thing I did not like was getting in the car. Then my mom signed me up for pet therapy and taught me a new word–“visit”. I don’t mind the car rides now because of my new job. It’s hard work but I take lots of naps, and a really long one when I get home. I visit at the 911 call center, Kaseman, Presbyterian and Lovelace Hospitals, retirement and rehab centers.

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