Nellie Mae

My name is Nellie Mae, AKA Nellie Belly & Wiggle Butt. I am 9 and I have a little sister, who is also a GoldenDoodle. We are known as the DarlingDoodles. I have been a natural therapy dog from the get go. I am loving, affectionate and have eye lashes for which to die. I started therapy work as a pup, years before becoming a “real” registered therapy dog. I love to share my heart and wags with everyone. I am also a ball maniac, a frisbee queen, a fish in the water and a big time bed hog. My life long goal is to become the first Apple iDog.

Member Since:  March 2012

Favorite Facility:  Main Presbyterian Hospital

Fun Fact:  When Nellie was a puppy, while running towards me, she would wiggle her butt with excitement, so she was nick named Wiggle Butt by our neighbors. That name has stuck with her for all these years, she’s still a wiggler.

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