7/1/2002 – 5/23/2016

We were traveling to Clayton, NM for my Grandfather’s memorial in July 2005. About 20 miles south of Springer, NM (in the middle of nowhere) we noticed a dog in the middle of the interstate. We pulled over and she jumped right into our car as if she had been waiting for us. When we got to my Grandparent’s house Springer went right in and visited with everyone without missing a beat. I knew right then she would make a wonderful therapy dog and she has. I believe God placed her right there on that interstate for me.

Years in Pet Therapy:  2007 – 2016

Favorite Facility: Lovelace Westside Hospital

Fun Fact: When Springer joined our family I was still working as a vet tech. She had some separation anxiety from me so I took her to work each day. One day we had a very sick Beagle puppy come in. Daisy, the puppy, needed an emergency blood transfusion. Springer was the donor and saved Daisy’s life. I don’t think Springer was as impressed as the rest of us. After that experience Springer decided it wasn’t so bad to stay at home and her separation anxiety was “cured”.

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